6 Things to Try If You Can’t Update a Windows 10 PC

If Windows 10/11 still won’t install drivers, the next fix may help you. On the System Configuration interface, you need to check the option of Hide all Microsoft services.

  • If you disabled the Windows Update service, remember to turn it on before attempting your update.
  • If you have tried the first two fixes and haven’t gotten your solution, I suggest you opt for a Thorough analysis rocketdrivers.com.
  • This prevents the job from being run twice with unpredictable results.
  • These are failures caused primarily by errors on the part of either the end user or the entity that are using/requesting the system.
  • Enter this command in the Command Prompt to scan for corrupted Windows system files and repair them.

Also, give any updates from MS at at least a couple of weeks before using them. You can do this by setting your wireless link to metered connection in Windows. And I’m firmly convinced that MS programmers are nothing like as good as they were 10 years ago. And their help service is worse than useless – another sign of poor training or hiring the wrong people. This updating policy is what stops Windows 10 being a good operating system. And then there are the black screens that happen out of the blue. If you want to manage which Windows updates get installed and when, you can, but if one has already snuck past you and given you a black screen, try booting in Safe Mode.


In most cases, re-registering all your store apps should be enough to resolve the issue. And we have also provided other solutions you can use to account for the remaining cases. This error code most likely describes a situation where the hard drive is too full.

how do i fix windows update errors

The best way to free up HDD or SDD storage space is to uninstall larger software packages you don’t need. Also, run a disk cleanup scan to erase junk files. The Windows update troubleshooter helps to find the potential issues with windows update for Windows 11.

Fix 2: Create a New Administrator Account

The steps for checking updates in Windows 10’s Settings app are a little different. You’ll need to select the Updates & Security Settings category in Windows 10. Then you can select the same Check for updates option from there. To apply this potential solution, read through our guide to utilizing System Restore and creating restore points. Select a restoration date that will take your PC back to a time when there wasn’t a system file error on it.

Now you can check if Windows Update is working as it should. Another option is to use Windows Command Prompt. Find Windows Update in the Service Manager, right-click it, and select Restart.

Then follow the instructions to complete the process. Choose Themes and you should have options to change your theme, so find and select the Windows theme from the list of Windows default themes. Choose Apps, then locate Photos app and select Advanced Options. Let DISM connect to the Microsoft servers, scan your computer, and initiate repairs.

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